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My name is Stephanie-Hope

So, why should you trust me to take care of your precious fur babies?  That's a good question, and I would ask the same if I was in your position.  Here's why:

Animals have always been my first love and passion.  There is nothing more fulfilling to me than caring for and spending time with animals.  I have lived my entire life with animals of all kinds: dogs, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs...and cannot imagine living without them.  This is why I created Paws n' Passion.  My promise to you is that I will treat your animal as if they were my own, which means lots of TLC (tender, love & care)!  Pictured on the right is one of my fur babies, Pinky.

In addition, I am educated and certified in Canine First Aid: preventing injuries, canine communication, vital signs (respiration rate, heart & pulse rates, temperature), health tests (gum colour, capillary refill time, dehydration test), incident assessment and response, and responding to specific injuries (click here to view the complete list*).                   

Why should you choose Paws n' Passion, what makes us different?  Another good question.  We truly value each and every animal, no matter the size or kind.  We want your pet to enjoy their time with us and walk through our doors excited to spend time here.  This is why we only offer small-group playtime and have limited openings.  We want to ensure your pet is getting everything they need (and more).  We also know that leaving your pet behind can sometimes with a sense of guilt or worry, but you will never need to worry when your pet is in our hands.  We offer you peace of mind through our unique, attentive environment, personal updates and live camera access of your pet enjoying their time with us.

Thank you for trusting me with your fur family.

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Specific Injuries Include: - Anaphylactic Shock - Bee Stings and Insect Bites - Bloat - Bloody Nose - Bone - Joint and Muscle Injuries - Burns - Choking - Dehydration - Diarrhea - Drowning - Ear Injuries - Eye Injuries - Frostbite - Heatstroke - Internal Organs - Mouth Wounds - Nails - Paw Pad Injuries - Penetrating (Impaled) Objects - Poisons (Absorbed, Ingested, Poisonous Items, Poisonous Plants, Inhaled) - Porcupine Quills - Seizures - Shock - Skunk Spray - Snake Bites - Sucking Chest Wound - Ticks - Vomiting - Wounds



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