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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your maximum capacity?

A:  We currently accept up to 12 animals (dogs and/or cats) at a time in order to ensure that each and every furry guest is receiving the love, attention & care they deserve.

Q: Why do I have to bring my pet's food?

A:  We kindly ask that you bring your pet's usual food to avoid digestive issues that can occur when changing food types or brands.  With the abundance of various pet foods & brands, it would be impossible for us to carry every single one.

Q: My pet eats raw food, can you feed them this?

A:  Absolutely!  We feed our own dogs raw food so we are used to the process.

Q: Where do the pets sleep?

A:  In order to ensure your pet's safety & security, every pet will sleep in their individual cage during the night (unless otherwise specified, for example: pets from the same family).  Please be assured that our cages are sized appropriately for your pet, they will have plenty of room to move around and rest comfortably overnight.  While the pets are in a different building than our home, they are just a few steps away (seriously, just a few steps!) and on our home's property so they're never alone.

Q: What are your admission requirements?

A:  Please consult all our admission criteria by clicking here.

Q: What are your daycare & boarding rates?

A:  Please click on one of the following links to view our prices & inclusions : 

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