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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your maximum capacity?

A:  We currently accept up to 12 dogs at a time in order to ensure that each and every furry guest is receiving the love, attention & care they deserve.

Q: Why do I have to bring my pet's food?

A:  We kindly ask that you bring your pet's usual food to avoid digestive issues that can occur when changing food types or brands.  With the abundance of various pet foods & brands, it would be impossible for us to carry every single one.

Q: My pet eats raw food, can you feed them this?

A:  Absolutely!  We are familiar with this process and understand the value of a raw diet.

Q: Where do the pets sleep?

A:  Our facilities are located on our home property, our dog hotel is in the building right next to our home, so your pets are never alone.  We are 10 steps away and have 24/7 camera surveillance.  You have the option to choose between a cage or premium suite (enclosure) for your dog.
Dogs sleep in their individual cages or enclosures to ensure their safety (fights, eating or chewing materials, etc.) while we are physically unable to supervise them (sleeping).

Q: What are your admission requirements?

A:  We ask that all dogs and cats be sterilized when over a certain age and have complete and up-to-date vaccination records.

Please consult all our complete admission criteria by clicking here.

Q: Can I visit your facilities before reserving?

A: Definitely!  We always recommend scheduling a visit with your dog prior to reserving in order to meet us and see our location, and this also allows your dog to meet and familiarize themselves with us, too.  Please contact us with your availability to schedule a visit.  Visits can be done by appointment only.
We recommend booking at least one day of daycare in order for your dog to acclimate themselves to the environment and to us before their stay.  Dogs with anxiety or anxious temperaments should be given a few days of daycare to allow them to be more comfortable.

Q: What do I need to bring for my dog's stay?

A:    1. Their usual food, ideally pre-portioned and a little extra because dogs are typically more

       active during their stay

2.  Medications (if applicable)

3.  Their favourite bed or blanket (optional, but recommended)

4. A flat collar

Q: What are your daycare & boarding rates?

A:  Please click on one of the following links to view our prices & inclusions : 

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