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Hotel for Dogs


Admission Criteria

1. The following vaccines must be complete and up

to date :

- Rabies

- DHPP/DAPP (Distemper, Hépatite/Adenovirus, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza)

- Bordatella (Kennel Cough)


2.  Vaccines must be administered a minimum of two to three weeks prior to arrival in order to allow time to take effect.


3.  Bordatella vaccine is required every 12 months, but strongly recommended every 6 months for dogs who are regularly socialized.

4. Dogs aged over 10-12 months should be sterilized, otherwise additional fees may apply.

5. Dogs must not demonstrate aggressive behaviour towards humans.

6. Dogs must be free of contagious diseases and must not have had recent contact with a contagious animal.

7. While not required, it is strongly recommended that dogs be treated against parasites, ticks & fleas.  Consult with your veterinary professional.

Open Hours

Arrivals and departures are by appointment only.  Please communicate with us by e-mail or text message to schedule the drop-off and/or pick-up time for your pet.


Arrivals : 9am - 10am, or 4pm - 5pm

Departures : 9am - 10am

Late Departures : 4pm - 5pm, additional fees apply


Option 1: Cage

10% off stays of 4 to 21 nights

20% off stays 22+ nights

1 DOG... $52 per night

2 DOGS... $95 per night

Shared cage (small dogs only)... $90 per night

3 DOGS... $142.50 per night

DIMENSIONS : 30.5" x 40.5"

Option 2: Premium Suite (Enclosure)
Recommended for large dogs of 60 lbs & up!

10% off stays of 4 to 21 nights

20% off stays 22+ nights

1 DOG... $60 per night

2 DOGS... $110 per night,

Shared suite... $108 per night

3 DOGS... $156 per night,

Shared suite... $151 per night

DIMENSIONS : 4' x 5' and 3' x 4'

Suite Premium
Dog Wash

The Extras (On Demand)

  • Departure Bath... from $20

  • Brushing... from $2

  • Ear Cleaning... from $10

  • Administration of Medication... $1.25 per dose (package available on demand: 8 doses for $7)

  • Mental Enrichment Game... $5 (10-15 minute session)

  • Additional Individual Outing... $15 per 30 min

  • Pet Taxi–Pick Up or Drop Off at your Home... from $30

  • Additional Food During Stay... service fee + cost of food

  • Personal Updates, including photos & videos... FREE! (Send us a message on Facebook @PawsNPassion)

A Typical Day in Boarding

Our schedule is always adapted to meet our furry guests' needs and can vary based on the weather and other factors, but a typical day looks somewhat like this...

8 AM ~ 8:30 AM : Start of the day, the dogs have

their first outing where they can get their bodies moving and build their appetite

9AM : Breakfast is served privately to each

dog (in their cage/suite), and extra time is allotted for digestion

10:30 AM : Supervised outdoor activity,

playing with canine friends or cuddling (may be done in intervals, depending on the weather)

12 PM to 1 PM : Nap Time (Pause)

1 PM : Supervised outdoor activity, playing

with canine friends or cuddling (may be done in intervals, depending on the weather)

5 PM : Dinner is served privately to each

dog (in their cage/suite), and extra time is allotted for digestion

PM : Outing outdoors

9 PM : Last outdoor outing, the dogs go out one last time before bedtime

Feeding Time

What Do You Need to Bring?

  1. Your dog's usual food.  Ideally, pre-portioned and we encourage bringing a little extra as dogs can be extremely active during their stay.

  2. Medications, creams, drops, ointments, etc. (if applicable, fees apply)

  3. Your dog's favourite bed or blanket (optional, but recommended)

  4. A flat collar


How To Submit A Booking Request :

  1.  Log in or Register to our booking system


  2.  If you just signed up, you will have to create your pet's profile and other required information.  You can add and modify this information at any point.

    If you are logging in (already a registered user), you can simply select your pet's existing profile.


  3.  Select your desired arrival and departure dates and select a time for your pet's arrival and departure.  Our system will automatically confirm if there is availability or not for the selected dates. Please note, this does not mean the desired space is available (cage or premium suite), we will confirm this afterwards.


  4.  If the selected dates are unavailable, you will see this message. Please select different date(s) or you can add your name to the waitlist.


  5. Once you have saved all the required information and selected your dates and times, you can proceed to read and sign our terms & conditions (bottom left) and then submit your booking request (bottom right).


  6. Immediately after submitting your request, you will receive a confirmation and a reference number.
    If you do not see this after clicking on submit, this means your request was unsuccessful and verify that all information has been properly entered and saved.

    You will also automatically receive an email from us confirming reception of your booking request.


  7.  In order for us to proceed with your booking request, please send us a clear photo / photocopy of your pet's vaccine certificate by email to

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